We were driving around and found this park that we used to play at when we were kids. I’d forgotten it existed. It started raining after this and we hid ourselves in a slide and it was magical.

Today we went to the park and a robins egg fell by our blanket and cracked. We should’ve had a funeral


Without makeup I slide into Sky Ferreira heroin addict territory

wearing whatever the fuck you want is mad liberating 

Five things I like about myself:
The fact that I’m largely unaffected by the opinions of other people. 
My hands. My fingers are long and slim and have the proportions of a Michelangelo sculpture tbh.
I’m okay with observing and wallflowering. You learn a lot when you slow down and watch.
How when I put on eyeliner I look like an undead hottie from Transylvania.
I appreciate weirdness, I’m not made uncomfortable or intimidated by it. 
"Boy with Apple," a Renaissance masterpiece by the artist Johannes Van Hoytl the Younger
It’s 95 degrees out but if I wear this to school my bare shoulders might cause a boy to jizz on his fractions so don’t worry I’ll sweat it out so your kid can keep up his record of academic mediocrity
guess I found a prom dress lol
Giving hand jobs in alleys
Handshelving with @macdemarco  (at The Grey Eagle)
Me and the bestie being brats on her rando backyard fountain
I discovered the powers of eyeliner and now I feel as though I can conquer the world