Miso : Home-Made Tattoos : 40 stars for 40 years, a shield around the body. For Beci, traded for a rug from her new > project. Melbourne, 2014
Hoop Art Constellations

~just a salad in the wind

I’ve spent dozens of minutes preening and waxing my eyebrow hairs. They’ve reached the pinnacle of perfection. And I’ll be damned if you don’t look at them. 

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Lily pond/portal to hell




The tallest statue in the world, Ushiku Daibutsu.

this always gives me chills


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Anonymous: last night i drank too much and told some friends from home how i want to dye my hair when i go back to school. they were so judgmental and all said don't do it so now i'm feeling nervous about it :/ but thats stupid right

The problem isn’t your decision to dye your hair it’s your shitty friends

no one writes like fitzgerald did


Bona Drag “Ceremonial" Collection
i myself was an acutely brilliant child whose post adolescence life has reeked of anticlimax so i can safely consider myself a tenenbaum